Elite Escorting Services offered by the London Escort Agency

June 19th, 2015

Lilyfields escort agency presents elite escorts for foreigners and for other people who are interested in spending time elite escort girls. Today VIP escort services are very popular. London is at the first place at providing such type of service, both for men and for women. Elite escorts accompany women and men to business meetings, occasions and parties. London is the centre of Great Britain where the great majority of population comes in order to relax spending time with VIP model escorts.

Escort service are used by London and foreign clients in order to have a good time in the company of pretty girls who will not only accompany you to the business meeting, will spend the rest of the evening having a romantic dinner and will fulfill your desires of the foreign customer.

If the person has no enough time for acquaintance because work takes all his free time, but he has the desire to have a good time and indulge himself with female communication and attention, booking elite escort services is the excellent option. The elite escort girl will be a perfect addition to leisure time, and this time spent with her will bring only positive emotions.

VIP escorting service is a pleasant pastime: elite girls are ready to give their smiles and attention when the foreign customer wants. Practically all foreign business men want that only pretty elite escorts accompanied them to the parties and all other festive occasions. Today it is very simple to do with the help of Lilyfields escort services, so it is available to everyone, not only to foreigners. Elite companions will bring happiness and a good mood to the boring business dinner and will turn it into unforgettable enchanting show which may have the continuation in a hotel room.

All questions connected with the organization and providing escort services lay down on the shoulders of the agency. They guarantee the high quality service for their clients. So one should only choose and book a pleasant elite girl and that is all. Escort service includes not only a wonderful pastime in the company of a charming blonde, brunette, busty woman, it also include interesting communication that sometimes is much more appreciated than just standing-by-side lady.

Personal Escorts Service at Lilyfields

June 1st, 2015

Lilyfields escort agency offers a special gallery for VIP clients – a personal escorts service gallery. The escorts of this gallery are special and unique, so that VIP clients of Lilyfields can get their additional photos by special request and the administrator will send galleries to the mail of the customer. This offer was introduced only for VIP clients and model escorts who now work as models on fashion podiums all over the world. So escorts of Lilyfields do not want to uncover their names and appearances to all clients, but only to those who really appreciate confidentiality. In their turn model escorts of Lilyfields also promise trustworthy and confidential relations to the customers.

The offer has already become popular with VIP clients of Lilyfields, because practically all the clients of this type want something unique and awesome. And our special escorts are a tasty morsel for VIP customers.  They are very beautiful and possess faultless appearance, taste, and understanding of their obligations. The girls provide only high class and professional services.

The newest gallery of escorts is for those who are tired of everyday life, ordinary people and routine relations. These people seek for something new, unusual and original. Personal escorts service is like fresh breeze, tasty gulp of happiness, rain in a dry desert. On their gallery page clients will find special escorts with soft skin, elegant long legs, large eyes and wonderful personalities. Every man will feel charm and intelligence of these girls – they look perfect. It is one of the reasons why they are booked by VIP clients for some special occasions. Our clients understand that they can take such an escort either to the business meeting or family dinner. Among VIP clients there are highly placed people who often need someone to accompany them to festive or business occasions. And personal escorts service is the one that will be an ideal option for any situation.

Personal escorts have the highest rates among the other girls of the agency. And it can be justified for the service they render is personal and of a high quality.  We can also assure our clients and guarantee the best personal escort service that can be offered on the market in London.

Cheap or Expensive Escorts Services?

May 1st, 2015

Getting into the call girl scene from time to time is not harmful, in fact it is very much so recommended by people all over. So it only makes sense that there so many different kinds of escort services because of the various and constantly present competition within this field of work. Professionalism is key to holding any business whatsoever together. To understand the professional status of any escort service, is to unearth whether they are more expensive or more cheaper than the other, but not out of stupidity, but out of proper quality.

Cheap agencies were known and kind of still are known to transfer diseases through their girls, now this is not entirely their fault because when these girls get tested, like the agencies most probably command them to do, they might be carrying a sexually transmitted disease that can potentially only harm the male side as opposed to the female side. The reason why the doctor won’t mention it, is probably because the cheap equipment this cheap doctor has for this cheap escort only shows what is wrong with the female side, not the make, hence the transferring of the disease without her or her employer’s knowledge. The way anyone should view it, is that the better quality of escorts, the better the service but the more expensive it will happen to be. The understatement in this situation is that if they look good, they are good. This is totally and completely false, being that men who view any sort of woman as good-looking will automatically overlook the fact that they can be dangerous to themselves and others, such as the man who is viewing their profile.

Both sides to it differ, but not because they are in the same field, essentially, they do produce the same ‘work’ and service, but they are just different because of price and cleanliness. So is it worth it to pay that extra one hundred or so because of the escort? Oh, absolutely, it is very worth it. Look at it as being something that saves the doctor bill later. Skip the skimpy fake lace and busting breasts and turn to the classic, not too put up with full make-up and false looking advertising. Be cautious always.

Another way to spot the difference between these two kinds of agencies is the fact that cheaper escorts should tend to fail as opposed to the more expensive types of escort services. The belief that the more successful ones are the more expensive ones is true one hundred percent. Being that they have ever present clients, good quality service, understanding of equality, and just being disease free makes them truly successful. Being known for your girls is number one in the business. They are being hired out and going to strange places, sometimes it is the girl’s choice to pick, this all depends on what the client wants, which takes this point a step further, the expensive escorts give you choices, the cheap ones are limited.

Sensual Weapon Of Venezuelan Escorts: Lip Gloss

February 2nd, 2015

Lips of women always caused a genuine admiration of poets and writers. This part of a female face always attracted great attention of males. Lips were called “paradise gate”, “sugar lips”, “scarlet roses”. A lot of writers were inspired by Venezuelan escorts’ lips and they wrote amazing verses and poems.

But not only creative people like writers pay attention to Venezuelan escorts lips, they also cause a genuine interest of scientists. For example, the British scientists created the theory how to define the character analysing lips of escort girls. And the researchers of one of the American universities even tried to learn predisposition of escort women to an orgasm according to the lips shape.

According to the last poll of the Times magazine, sensual lips draw attention of men much more, than a bosom. There is no wonder that women carefully look after the lips and try to emphasize their beauty.

When French Queen Ekaterina Medici invented a lip gloss, having mixed beeswax with natural paints, escort women received one more gift and great mean of seduction.

Improving this godsend, the cosmetic companies worldwide invented the lip glosses which look after the skin of lips, create additional volume, protect from the sunlight and even prevent presenilation of this gentle area.

The lip gloss became an irreplaceable magic wand of make-up experts. Using it, they thought up much cunning ways of a make-up in order to give an irresistible look to lips, and completeness to all image.

Types of lip glosses

Now in the market there is a set of different lip glosses with wide range of shades and colours. They differ not only according its color, but also texture and composition.

Without making any impact on skin of lips lip glosses containing translucent viscous texture and spangles visually add volume to lips. Glitters in its composition increase lips and make it plump and sensual. The lip shines containing menthol and special components (for example, extract of liquorices or a citrus) can add volume to thin lips. They stimulate blood circulation in lips area. However, not all escorts like feeling of a chill effect on the lips and pinching which these lip shines cause from time to time.

1. Lip glosses caring about the skin of lips

Hard glosses (in jars) include beeswax. They take care about lips like a hygienic lipstick, aren’t sticky and give a subtle shade. They keep long enough and can be a fine basis for lipstick, especially if it is a long lasting effect lipstick which dries lips.

Lip shines containing oils also are suitable for dry skin of lips. They excellently moisten, heal microcracks, and also create attractive blinking on the lips. However, they keep on lips for a short period of time.

2. The lip shines preventing ageing

Our lips are very gentle and deprived of a protective lipid layer. Therefore lips quickly lose moisture, get dried, are more actively subjected to harmful effects of sunshine. To prevent the presenilation of lips, the cosmetic companies let out lip shines with the UV filters, protecting from UVA and UVB radiations.

Also such lip glosses include antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, Q 10 coenzyme. These substances diminish free radicals, nourish and moisten skin of lips, keep moisture, cover lips with a protective layer, increase elasticity.

Brazilian Escorts of Lilyfields

December 30th, 2014

Brazilian escorts’ category is very popular with clients and the agency has decided to enlarge the category and update the profiles of the girls in order to meet the needs and requirements of the clients. Browsing this category the client can find the girls from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and other Brazilian cities.

Brazilian female companions are very specific. They possess a beauty and hot temper that are the distinctive features of this type of female partners. These females are exotic walking passion in the flesh. When the client stays in the company of these girls he feels the special exciting aura around these ladies. Brazilian girls just transfer their sensual and unbridled feelings and emotions to the client. And thus the client starts feeling the same. Tanned Brazilian girls are especially attractive for European men, including the British.

The popularity of Brazilian girls with clients causes some essential changes and improvements in the gallery. First of all, the agency has to refill the gallery with newcomers to keep the interest of their members. There is a wide choice of Brazilian women who look different and thus they cater for different tastes of the clients. There are blondes, brunettes and red hair Brazilians who offer high class companionship service. Tall and tiny companions are available for bookings too. The client can find original photos of Brazilian women. The photos of every Brazilian girl are changed monthly to reflect the real appearance characteristic. All the pictures are taken monthly, so one will get what one has booked on the website. There is no fear that a girl with a different appearance or features will come to the meeting. All the latest changes are available on this page https://www.lilyfields.com/escorts_by_nationality/brazilian/ , no doubt one will find the partner to their taste.

Every client can use online service to book a girl he likes. It is easy to do with the help of online booking form. In another case it is possible to call the agency and the call operator will answer all the questions, will help to choose a suitable Brazilian girl who will meet all the requirements. It is simple to book girls at Lilyfields.

The main thing for the agency is to select the girl who will really meet one’s needs. The personal profiles of Brazilian girls will help one understand what kind of girl one really needs. That is why it is very important to visit the official website and look through the profiles of female partners. The updated gallery of Brazilian ladies shouldn’t disappoint the clients.

London Getting Ready for Halloween

October 29th, 2014

If you want to celebrate Halloween in London, there are many things you could consider getting involved in. However, Halloween is no fun on your own. Hence, you could decide to hire an escort to join in the festivities. Once upon a time, Bonfire Night on the 5th of November was the biggest celebration in London, but Halloween is quickly taking over. Every year, there are lots of events organised all over the city and you and your escort could enjoy all of them before enjoying each other’s company somewhere a bit more private. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could do.

The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon opens its doors for twister revelries between the 1st of October and the 5th of November. There will be mayhem, mischief, pumpkins, costumes, huge surprises, scares, dares and terrible tricks. This is a great place to go if you want your escort to hold on to you out of fear, in other words.

The Jack the Ripper Tour

The Jack the Ripper Tour goes through the East End locations of his murders. This is a fantastic scare yourself silly theme, not in the least because it is also said to be haunted. If you attend this with an escort, it is also a trip down memory lane, as Jack the Ripper was particularly fond of murdering sex workers.

Ghost Bus Tours

If you prefer to take a tour that doesn’t involve quite as much walking, then the black double decker ghost bus tour is perfect for you. Snuggle up together while listening to tales of murder and crime from all over London. There are actors on board as well as some amazing special effects that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You will be shown unmarked burial grounds, haunted locations and various hidden things about London itself.

Fear and Wonder with the BFI

Between 10pm and 2am on the 31st of October itself, you can enjoy the BFI “Fear and Wonder” show. There will be fantastic open air projections from various spooky films, live performances of various musical acts and a nice cocktail to enjoy. This really gives you the opportunity to welcome in the infamous “witching hour” before retiring for the night with your escort, at which point you can get up to all sorts of other fun things.

Other Halloween stories:

London Is the City of Love and Beautiful Women

September 30th, 2014

London is the city of love, it is also the city of poise and quaintness that makes it just so. Tea is not the only specialty that this wonderful capital of England has to offer, the women here are pretty awesomely gorgeous. There is only a certain amount of women that can be classified as that and London is the place that makes this fact rightly so and true. That is right, no false evidence, all the women, or at least most of them, brunettes, blondes, Asian-types, or African American looking, all have one thing in common: beauty.

This city provides fun loving culture tours, adorable shops to visit and well, shop in, but London also has another little something of business which is called model agencies. Model agencies lend out girls, beautiful London girls, like London escorts of Lilyfields. This little rendezvous with this certain someone can truly change any guy’s perspective on London, or even women as a whole. Some men lose faith in the opposite gender and go forth to create seclusion for themselves. This industry provides just the right amount of pleasure to boost anyone’s newfound trust in women again.

The adjustment to this vast decision is to be made slightly in advance due to nerves acting out. Some men are just really nervous to participate in this get together with an girl because they simply do not know how to talk to them. Women do not need much though, at least not in this type of business, the man should never forget that the experience is to do and not to talk, unless that is what he signs up for, a dirty talker and all.

Aside from that, though, London is really for the beauty. It is found in the beautiful architecture, the culture, as stated before, the girls, the rich textures, the beauty of foods and the beautiful sets of it all. Of course, though, London is equally the city of LOVE. Love is in contrast to every negative feeling in the world. Some will say that the love to hate and the love of war is what draws that differentiation, but, one must also take into consideration that there is very little amount of love left in the world, speaking of only the genuine kind, of course.

Mix those two beauties, women and love, and you not only unlock that door to pleasure and possible erotica, you also summon the courage to do what the man within yourself could have never done before. Unleash your inner love, to make love, live within love and find your true love. This can be it, the city of London can make that happen for you. No need for Sherlock Holmes in this scenario, there really is no mystery of any sort, the simple truth is to undertake the power within yourself to bring forth more love into this wonderful world, and join forces with the beauty that is a woman. Only then can you truly enjoy the beauty of London.

Escorts and Their Zodiac Signs

August 31st, 2014

A lot of women are afraid of this problem. No one can even think about. But actually the majority of women face with the betrayal. The reasons of frivolity of the husband can be different. And still the majority of the conflicts are connected with other woman, with the rival. Very often rivals in love are escort girls who can easily get men fall in love with them. Escorts are easy to watch, choose and book over internet. The number of escort agencies offering these ladies is endless. Some offer European escorts like from Spain https://www.lilyfields.com/escorts_by_nationality/spanish/, and other agencies offer Japanese escorts.

To fight with escort-rival it is better to define her psychotype and then to choose the strategy of war. The astrology will help to define it.

Fire Zodiac Signs

They tend to the independence. Also they are sure that their power is an independent behavior, forgetting that there is also a reverse side of the medal.

The Aries-escort is a self-confident and rough rival. She is active and she can take your man as a mustang with a lasso. She is a hunter and amazon. How can you fight with such a woman? You should tick her off; because when she is angry she looks disgustingly and doesn’t mince matters. She looks like Medusa and this image will open husband’s eyes on her true nature.

The Sagittarius-escort is the most prudent people of fiery zodiacal signs. They catch men with the help of the mutual understanding and sympathy. They are able to listen to all complaints and they do not fling themselves at men’s head. Such rival may be defeated with the help of wit and independence.

The Leo-escort. If she has made a pass on your husband it means that she is lucky at her own private life. She envies good luck and charm, success and security. If she meets the failure, she will turn into the vulgar woman from the market. If your husband was seduced by such an escort girl, it means that he seeks for brightness. Create this image at least for a while.

Air Zodiac Signs

They look at the man like he is the superhero.

The Twins-escort is the frivolous rival. She has problems with constancy. So their relations will not last for a long period of time.

The Libra-escort is dangerous because of her diplomacy and serendipity. Such person will never take the initiative. She is afraid of explicit claims and attacks. She is not a fighter and will leave your husband immediately.

The Aquarius-escort is the most rare type of rivals in love. They are democratic and need friendship rather than a husband. They will not break the relations.

Water Zodiac Signs

They are the most dangerous opponents. They are mysterious and romantic, emotional and sensual.

The cancer-escorts very often wear a skillful mask of an angel. They are little girls, defenseless and modest. Even the weakest man feels himself like a Heracle when he is near such an escort. And he is ready for any feats. Psychologists believe that you need to provoke such a woman — the mask will fall down quickly and her true nature will be revealed.

Cancer rival is too cool and she has lost all sense of shame.

The Scorpion-escort. They are femmes fatale. They are very sensual and clever. To fight against them is very difficult and the man becomes their victim quickly. The Scorpions are inborn psychologists and manipulators. They at once see weaknesses and beat on it. Their shortcoming is commercialism. Prove to the man who has stunned with the emotions that his money is the main reason for the relations for such a woman.

The Fishes-escort is the embodiment of mind, intuition, sensuality. This woman is like the mermaid. But her weak place is amorousness and inconstancy. She can’t love one man for a long period of time. You should open husband’s eyes on her unfaithfulness.

Earth Zodiac Signs

Such women are stubborn and go towards the aim as a tank division. They are careful and tactically strong. They are capable to wait and ambush for long time.

The Taurus-escort is the Woman. She is too womanly, and her strategy is always hidden behind her outer beauty and accuracy. She is able to recede waiting suitable moment for the attack. But it repeats and time is the best weapon against such a rival. She demands stability.

The Virgo-escort is too rare around the adulteries. Such women too right to be the mistress and too prudent as wives. Your husband hardly will be fond of such a person.

The Capricorn-escort is rare in rivals in love. They have other vital values. She will quicker agree on the marriage offered by parents than the marriage for somebody’s husband.

Build up the relations, tend to create harmony and understanding, and then you won’t need horoscopes of female-rivals in love.

Where to Spend Your Summer Holiday with an Escort in the UK

July 23rd, 2014

Summer is a time of relaxation and fun and you would want to spend it with people whose company you enjoy, like an escort. But if you have invested in hiring an escort for a full vacation, you will also need to think about where you would like to go and what sort of things you would like to do once there. Perhaps you simply want to lie on a beach and have a swim, or maybe you prefer walking through historic towns and enjoying the scenery. Whatever your thing is, if you have someone nice to do it with, you can enjoy it all the more. This is why it would be such a great idea to hire an escort, as these girls are not just beautiful, they are also very adventurous and would love nothing more than experience something new.

Finding Great Companionship

There are many places to find escorts who would be happy to holiday with you. Take some time to look online and find recommendations and make sure you have already thought a bit about what it is you would like. Once you have found the best agency to work with, you will have to choose the girl as well. This can be hard, because there are so many stunning escorts on their books. This is why you need to think about a few details in terms of what you like, but also what you would like to do. Each girl has different likes and dislikes, so it would be nice to find one that actually has a personal interest in doing the things you want to do.

Enjoying Your Holiday

Once you have chosen your girl, it will be time to pack. Do make sure you have all your details in order, so that your escort knows where to go. She needs to have all the details of your itinerary, what she needs to bring and more. It is likely that she will have a number of questions, which you do need to answer. Indeed, it is likely that you will have a number of questions yourself as well. Try to make sure that this holiday is going to be not just the best time for you, but also for her.

Enjoying your summer holiday with a stunning travel girl isn’t hard. She is a professional who will be able to tell what you like and she will make sure that this is exactly what you get as well. Choose a few nice destinations and use that time to really get to know each other. You will find that you may just have lots in common with your escort, which means the atmosphere between you two will be much more relaxed as well.

Ifatuation vs. Love: What Is the Best Option for Escorts?

March 3rd, 2014

There is an old saying about escorts: fall into infatuation, not into love. Many believe that you have to take such a principle to heart when you work in the dating business. After all, you are supposed to be professionally unattached, able to meet the needs of your client, and a wedding ring tan line is going to get in the way of that goal. The last thing you want are awkward questions.

But is this really how it has to be? Can an escort not fall in love without there being a million complications? What about relationships? The answers to those questions are not at all simple, but they are important to answer if you are currently in, or plan to be in, the business.

Infatuation Vs Love

First of all, there is nothing wrong with a bit of infatuation. Anyone is going to feel it when they first become interested in someone, and hopefully it lasts for as long as possible. It is an amazing feeling, and quite addictive. But it is a temporary thing, which is where the idea of indulging in only this stage of a relationship comes from.

Once the infatuation fades, you have more serious elements to consider. Commitment, devotion, getting to know one another on a deeper level, and a feeling of comfort are all a part of it. Which is wonderful, but not easy when you work as an escort. There are several reasons for this:

  • Your partner is likely to become jealous or hurt by your continued dates with others.
  • Negative emotions can badly impact a relationship, and cause strain that can last for years.
  • Stress and emotional baggage can affect how you appear on dates, and so hurt your professional life.
  • You may begin to feel guilty about your work.

That doesn’t mean love is totally off the table. On the contrary, if you can find someone who is supportive of your work and able to overlook it, the glamour of such a profession can actually be exciting. Besides, eventually all escorts have to retire, and usually sooner rather than later. Few go more than a couple of years.

It is for precisely that reason that many choose to forgo any serious relationships when they are an escort. The profession is temporary, and keeping focused on work is worth it. Plus, it is a great opportunity to play the field and have fun.

Falling In Love With a Client

This is technically a no-no, but it happens all the time. Escorts will meet a man through their service and fall in love. You have probably heard stories of women retiring for love and marrying the man they used to date professionally. If it happens, good for you!

All in all, falling in love is not off limits for an escort. But you may want to consider sticking to infatuation for awhile.